Research Activity Areas of Urban Policy Institute (UPIny)
UPInyfs research activity areas are mainly following areas
1) Regional Economic Development and High-Tech Cluster Policies in the United States
  • UPIny researches on how US regions and cities promote economic development and how to foster high-tech clusters in the region.

  • UPIny has experiences to research on policies in Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Research Triangle, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, New York and Boston.
2) Urban Developments and Urban Center Revitalization Policies in US cities
  • UPIny researches on urban development and urban revitalization projects in US cities.

  • UPIny has a lot of experiences to research on urban development projects in Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, San Antonio, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, New York and Boston.
3) Emergency Management and Recovery Policies from Disaster in the United States
  • UPIny researches on emergency management and recovery policies after disasters.

  • Particularly, UPIny has experiences to research on NYCfs emergency management after 911 events and California's gStandardized Emergency Management System (SEMS)

  • In addition, UPIny had a chance to study emergency management system after the Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
4) Government Reform and Performance Measurement Policies in the United States
  • UPIny researches on government reform and performance measurement related policies.

  • UPIny has experiences to research on the policies in Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Portland and Federal Government in Washington DC.
5) Others
  • UPIny has experiences of researches as following subjects other than above.

    • Cost and benefit analysis of transportation facilities.

    • Road Pricing system in the US.

    • Impact of immigrants in the US cities.
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