About the Urban Policy Institute of New York (UPIny)
The Urban Policy Institute of New York (UPIny) was established as a private research institute in the state of New York in January 2004. The purpose of its creation was to create a liaison/bridge between US and Japanese urban policies.

Our primary tasks have focused more on researches on US urban policies. Through research and survey, we provide information to various Japanese institutions such as governments, universities, think-tanks, non-profit organizations, political parties, and various business groups. We also provide information on Japanese urban policies to American institutions as well.

UPIny was established by the former president Kozo Aoyama in 2004. In August 2007, he resigned the president because he went back to Japan and got a new assignments at Nagoya University. (after that, he was invited to Kyoto Prefectural University as a professor of public policy.) Mr. Chihiro Aoyama assumed the President of UPIny. UPIny is still relatively new, but the current research and survey activities has been a continuation of the work that was done by Kozo Aoyama, in his previous institute, Institute of Public Administration:: IPA.. IPAfs research activity was terminated in June of 2004, due to the decisions reached by their board members to focus their activities mainly on the scholarship and grant program for NYU Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. In order to continue research activities for Japanese clients, Kozo Aoyama founded the UPIny.

IPA was founded in 1906, and it was one of the oldest think-tanks in the United States. IPA had close relationship with Japan at the early era of the IPA. It is known that the Director of IPA (Dr. Charles Beard) helped Mr. Shimpei Goto, the Minister of Interior, during the time, for restoration and renewal planning of Tokyo area immediately after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923.

In recent years, IPA had done many projects for developing countries on establishing systems of public administration, public finance and urban planning. In addition, IPA vastly expanded their research fields and list of clients beginning from 1993 when Mr. Kozo Aoyama joined the IPA. Many Japanese clients commissioned IPA to conduct research projects on US's Urban policies during this time, in conjunction with Mr. Aoyama joining the IPA.

Kozo Aoyama conducted various types of research projects at IPA and UPIny from 1993 to 2007 for various Japanese clients. UPIny is now a successor of IPA in terms of Japanese clientsf projects. The main areas of research projects include:

  • Regional Economic Development and High-Tech Cluster Policies in the United States.
  • Urban Developments and Urban Center Revitalization Policies in US cities.
  • Emergency Management and Recovery Policies from Disaster in the United States.
  • Government Reform and Performance Measurement Policies in the United States.
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